12V Specialists for Motorhomes, Caravans & Boats

A wee bit of history:

RSE (NZ) Limited was formed in 2004 by Daryl and Sue Muir and for the next seventeen years they worked hard and built a company that specialised in entertainment systems for the RV Motorhome/Caravan, Horse Float/Truck and Marine markets.  They were known for their innovative products and high level of service.

A new era – RSE Limited.  Early in 2022 Daryl and Sue sold their assets of RSE (NZ) Limited, and with new ownership, on the 1st of February 2022 RSE Limited was formed.  The new RSE will keep the Muir’s tradition of finding new technology and manufacturing 12v products for the harsh NZ climate.  The latest release has been a 1080P resolution removable monitor camera system.  A fixed monitor system has been tested and should be available by early December.

Spartan Road we have a showroom that showcases our latest 12v electronic products.  These products are supplied and distributed from our warehouse to all other workshops and RV retail outlets across NZ.  We also host a Repair Hub for RSE Products.

Less well known is the large workshop team that offers a wide range of services to camper and horse truck users – from new installations, aftermarket upgrades and repairs.  The workshop has been a great tester and installer of the RSE brand of electronic products.