Original RSE 19" Platinum Series TV

Last Update - April 2020

To get started you will have to download the appropriate software file Click Here. This RSE USB zip file contains the new channel list software for your RSE Platinum Series TV. 

As there is different software for the 19”, 24” & 32" Platinum Series versions please ensure that you have downloaded the appropriate size and model to match your TV. This is the software file for the 19" Original Platinum Series TV. To determine if this is an original model please check the following:

The Platinum HDTV logo is on the left hand side of the TV frame. See pic below. If yours does not appear to be an "Original" please go back to the previous page and click on "New RSE 19" Platinum Series TV" and proceed from there. 

If you load the incorrect file in, you will need to send the whole TV back to us for reprogramming so please double check before proceeding.

After downloading the appropriate file you will have to extract it. To do this find the zip file and right click using your mouse and select the 'Extract Here' or similar option, please note this may vary depending on what programs your computer has installed. Once extracted you now have to copy the 'USBclone' folder onto a clean USB stick and follow the instructions below.

Please note when copying the files onto your stick the first thing and only thing you should see when viewing your stick is a folder called USBclone. If there is another folder or different name the software upgrade will not work.

See picture below for reference.


The USB port is located at the rear underside of the TV where all the TV inputs are mounted and is marked USB.

To load the software into the TV:


1. Insert the USB stick provided into the USB port at the rear of the TV.

2. Turn the TV on and wait until you have an operating channel. Then press the INPUT button and select the AV function.

3. Press the MENU button and when the Menu appears on the screen, key in 0000 (i.e. Press the zero 4 times in quick succession). This will access the hidden menu. See below.


4. The new Menu will have a list of options on the screen. Scroll down to the last option “ USB Cloning” and press ENTER                                                            

5. You will now have a menu on the screen as per picture below. Scroll down and select the ‘Load Flash from USB’ (this is the third option)


6. Press ENTER and the file will begin to upload, this will appear on the progress bar as per the picture below.



7. When completed it will say “Loaded Successfully” as below.



8. Now scroll down to the next option ‘Load EEPROM from USB’ and press ENTER. Once this file is loaded it will again say “Loaded successfully” (Note: This file loads much faster.)


Your Update channel files are now loaded. To complete the installation follow the steps below:

  1. UNPLUG the power supply to the TV, remove the USB Stick and wait 5 seconds, then reconnect. (Do NOT use the remote to turn the TV off first)
  2. Turn the TV back on
  3. Your channel update is now complete.

Please note that this software defaults the LNB setting to 10750, if you are using a Dome or other type of dish with an 11300 LNB you will need to change this. Instructions will be with the original paperwork that came with the TV.

If you have any problems with the above, please call us on 0800 639 822.

A matching channel list can also be downloaded on the link below.

Original RSE 19

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