Silver Series + RSESAT

Last Update - April 2020

Please note that this software defaults the LNB setting to 10750.
Prior to loading this software please check your LNB setting so you can alter afterwards if required

To get started you will have to download the appropriate software file Click Here. This RSE USB zip file contains the new channel list software for your RSE 19" or 24" Silver Series I or II TV.

After downloading the appropriate file you will have to extract it. To do this  find the zip file and right click using your mouse and select the 'Extract Here' or similar option, please note this may vary depending on what programs your computer has installed. Once extracted you now have to copy the 'backup' folder onto a clean USB stick and follow the instructions below.

Please note when coping the files onto your stick the first thing and only thing you should see when viewing your stick is a folder called backup with an additional file inside. If there is another folder or different name the software upgrade will not work.

See picture below for reference.


The USB port is located at the rear underside of the TV where all the TV inputs are mounted and is marked USB.

To upload the new channels into your TV please insert the stick into the bottom of the TV then complete the following steps:

1. Please make sure the stick is the bottom of the TV not the side or top (There is a USB port it can be hard to get to.)
2. Press the ‘DVD-Setup’ Button on the remote
3. Scroll across using the right arrow until ’System Setting’ is highlighted

4. Press ENTER
5. Key in 1 2 3 4 in quick succession
6. A hidden menu will have popped up
7. Scroll Down to ‘upgrade’


8. Press ENTER
9. Scroll down to ‘USB upgrade’
10. Press ENTER
11. Scroll down to ‘All’


12. Press ENTER
13. We will now be working on the right hand side Menu on the screen
14. On the right hand side menu ‘C’ will be highlighted
15. Press ENTER
16. On the right hand side of the screen ‘backup’ will be highlighted
17. Press ENTER
18. ‘download.bin’ will now be highlighted



19. Press ENTER  again


20. The TV will restart and you should be all up and running.

A matching channel list can also be downloaded on the link below.


Silver Series + RSESAT

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