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Last Update - April 2020

To get started you will have to download the appropriate software file Click Here. This file is a compressed version, you will need to extract it. The file contains the new channel list software for your Mini M3.

Please double check that your set top box is the MiniM3, if it is the later M3S model this file will not work.

This file contains the new channel list software for your Mini-M3, after downloading the appropriate file you will have to extract it. To do this, find the zip file and right click using your mouse and select the 'Extract Here' or similar option, please note this may vary depending on what programs your computer has installed. Once extracted you now have to copy the '3601HD_Backup.abs' file onto a clean USB stick and follow the instructions below.

Please note the first and only file you should see on the stick is 3601HD_Backup.abs.

See picture below for reference.

To load the software onto your Mini M3:


1.     Turn on your Mini-M3 and wait for it to load to the TV screen

2.     Insert the USB Stick in the back

3.     Press MENU on the remote

4.     Right arrow across to TOOLS, press ENTER

5.     Scroll down to Upgrade by USB



6.     Press ENTER (If there is an option asking you to 'Keep DBS setting' please highlight this and RIGHT ARROW across to select NO)

7.     Scroll down to START, press ENTER



8.     Press ENTER for YES at the question in the box – “burnflash” will run



9.     Wait for the Mini-M3 to reload

10.   Unplug the USB Stick and all of the new channels will be loaded. 


Please note that this software defaults the LNB setting to 10750, if you are using a Dome or other type of dish with an 11300 LNB you will need to change this. Instructions will be with the original paperwork that came with the Mini M3.

If you have any problems with the above, please call us on 0800 639 822.

A matching channel list can also be downloaded on the link below.


Mini M3

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