Sky Channel Changes

As many of you may already be aware Sky are currently changing their Satellite Transmission to DVB-S2 which involves moving their channels from Standard Definition over to High Definition.

As you probably know, RSE has always provided excellent support with its channel update service.  The recent changes by Sky to offer a full HD service on all of their channels has meant that we cannot upload a new list until the upgrade process is completed, which will be the end of April.  If you require any assistance with receiving your sky channels in the interim please give us a call at the office.  RSE is now on its 8th generation TV with its first satellite TV now 10 years old.  Unfortunately these early generation Silver Series TVs were only DVB-S (standard definition) receivers.  The recent upgrades by Sky to DVB-S2 (high definition) means that these Silver Series TV will now only receive freeview as DVB-S2 was not available when these TVs were designed and manufactured.  Certainly this shows how long RSE has been providing product and service to the Motorhome Caravan & RV Industry.  If you have a Silver Series model we would be happy to discuss an upgrade option.

The Minilite Plus is the easiest and most cost effective solution for those older model TVs, simply stick it to the back of your existing TV, plug in power, HDMI and a Satellite feed and you will be back up in running in no time. Click here to view the latest MiniLite Plus. 

Posted: Mon 15 Apr 2019


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