RSE Original 32" Smart TV (RSE32SS/II)

Last Update – April 2020

To get started you will have to download the appropriate software file onto a clean USB Stick.

Click Here. to download the non-compressed software version, this can be transferred onto a clean/formatted USB stick (no extraction tool required) 

Please ensure the Smart TV you are updating is the 32" model. Please check SMART TV II is written in white on the bottom left hand corner of the TV. Please check there is a white RSE logo located at the centre of the frame at the bottom of the TV. 

The USB port is located at the underside/bottom of the TV and is labelled USB PVR. 

To load the software into the TV:

  1. Carefully remove power from TV, labelled DC IN.  
  2. Insert the USB stick into the USB port labelled USB PVR, located at the underside/bottom of the TV.
  3. Carefully reconnect power to TV, labelled DC IN. 
  4. Turn the TV on and wait until you have an operating channel. Double check the TV is on satellite input by pressing INPUT on the TV remote. Satellite should be highlighted in black. 
  5. Press MENU on the remote and go to SETUP.
  6. Scroll down to SATELLITE CHANNEL IMPORT (USB) and press right arrow.  Press only ONCE and wait, this takes a moment.
  7. TV will turn OFF and ON automatically.
  8. Remove the USB Stick from underside/bottom of TV. 
  9. You have successfully loaded the latest Freeview channels. 

Please note this software defaults the LNB setting to 10750, if you are using a Dome or other type of dish with an 11300 LNB you will need to change this setting. 

A matching channel list can also be downloaded on the link below.

RSE Original 32

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