Lithium Batteries

  • Lithium offer a greater Depth of Discharge – 80% vs 20-50% for AGM
  • There is no voltage drop until Lithium batteries reach zero capacity. AGM’s voltages drops vs Loads.
  • Cycle Life: Our lithium batteries provides approximately 2000 Cycles @ 80% DoD. Lead typically only lasts around 800 cycles @ 50% DoD. One cycle is the discharge and recharge of the battery and this will depend on usage
  • Lithium DO NOT SULFATE OR STRATIFY. Meaning lithium batteries can be stored partially discharged, while AGM will sulfate – leading to a significantly less capacities. This is a common problem in the battery industry


Q: Why is Lithium highly recommended comparative to other types of batteries?
A: Light weight, longer life span, Constant voltage till discharged. More actual usable capacity.

Q: What other products are recommended in conjunction with Lithium batteries?
A: Alongside the Lithium battery we commonly install Solar,DC/ DC chargers, Battery Chargers. These charging systems have to be Lithium ready to ensure that the battery is charged correctly.

Q: How to identify what sized battery I might need?
A: The team at RSE will be able to work out your battery needs based on how the
caravan/motorhome is used, what accessories are being run and the various charging systems.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: 5 Years

For more details and to learn how Lithium batteries can be integrated into your motorhome or caravan, please call in to see our friendly team who are happy to pass on their knowledge.

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