Cameras & Monitors

Want to compare the 1080p Monitor and Camera options of Hardwired to Wireless?

Hardwired between Monitor and Camera – Dash or Mirror Monitor

  • Monitor has two inputs, one input on screen at any one time, gridlines available.
  • No Recording/ no audio feature.
  • Two angle lens available. Camera housing is powder coated and comes in black.
  • 95 degree eyeball camera: The narrow angle makes it best suited for traffic view. Ideally mounted on a vertical surface like a rear wall. The camera lens can be rotated inside the mounting.
  • 120 degree eyeball camera. A wider lens viewing angle is best suited to looking down (makes for a great backing camera, seeing bikes/ tow balls).
  • Wireless – Dash monitor (mount can be fixed or with a suction cup)

  • Monitor has four camera inputs, various viewing options.
  • Audio visual recording to memory card.
  • Monitor package comes with one camera. Additional camera’s available.
  • A minimum 12 volt power supply to the camera is necessary to keep the camera functioning.
  • What do I need? Wireless vs Wired Systems

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