Wired Systems

Info around buying or transitioning to the 1080p Full High Definition Wired camera’s.

Although the housing might look similar between some of the 720p Monitors/ Cameras and the 1080p Monitors/ Cameras, to a certain extent you are not able to ‘pick and mix’ between the generations. You need a camera that is 1080p and then a monitor that can receive that level of resolution. You can however, still use the same RSE cable from your existing 720p camera system with a 1080p monitor and a 1080p camera. It will work and give you 1080p resolution. If you need to replace your monitor, you can also use the new 1080p Monitor on old 720p cameras – but it will produce 720p resolution. It is the camera that drives the quality change.

The cameras come with a four pin plug connection. To use one camera it requires a four pin cable. To use two camera’s you need a six pin cable with a Y attachment with two four pin plugs (to allow the connection of the camera’s with four pin connections). You can buy the Y attachment separately, but for ease we have put in with all camera and 6 pin cable options.

Buy the right camera set up for you – it might be that you will only ever use one camera, so chose the option with the four pin cable. Going with the 6 pin cable and Y attachment will future proof you set up if you wish to add another camera later on.

The 1080p Full High Definition camera monitor MUST have the RSETWK2 Trailer Wiring Kit whether you choose to have one camera or two set up (this is different from the old 720p system where you needed to make sure you had the right trailer kit for the number of camera’s you were running).

We are having to discontinue the 720p line as it is becoming dated. We were able to get new generation housing on the 720p Dual Camera in our last manufacturing order. That will be the last order of 720p components. We have a good, but limited level of other 720p stock which we will ring fence to help with replacement/ repairs, but this stock at same stage will get low.

Want to compare the 1080p Monitor and Camera options of Hardwired to Wireless?

Hardwired between Monitor and Camera – Dash or Mirror Monitor

  • Monitor has two inputs, one input on screen at any one time, gridlines available.
  • No Recording/ no audio feature.
  • Two angle lens available. Camera housing is powder coated and comes in black.
  • 95 degree eyeball camera: The narrow angle makes it best suited for traffic view. Ideally mounted on a vertical surface like a rear wall. The camera lens can be rotated inside the mounting.
  • 120 degree eyeball camera. A wider lens viewing angle is best suited to looking down (makes for a great backing camera, seeing bikes/ tow balls).
  • Wireless – Dash monitor (mount can be fixed or with a suction cup)

  • Monitor has four camera inputs, various viewing options.
  • Audio visual recording to memory card.
  • Monitor package comes with one camera. Additional camera’s available.
  • A minimum 12 volt power supply to the camera is necessary to keep the camera functioning.