Channel Updates for your 12V RSE TV or RSE Satellite Receiver Box.

RSE has been a designer and provider of 12v TVs in the New Zealand market and closely watch what happens with technology.  We have kept bringing in new models that introduced the latest hardware available. 

Older models of TVs have been able to survive for a long time as the processing hardware in the earlier TVs had been able to keep up with the increased needs and speeds of what was happening in the online world.  This is no longer the case.

RSE has taken pride in that it has found ways to keep aging TVs working – by doing our research and then providing downloadable ‘upgrades’ on software and channel changes to allow older TVs to function.  In April 2022 there was another set of channel changes released.  This update has been a step too far for so many of the earlier models of TVs.  The hardware has reached its limit of being able to cope with modern demands.

TVs have now caught up to the world of mobile phones that they have become obsolete/ old/ redundant in what seems like milliseconds.  Our industry has turned into a commodity and throw away world, we have been lucky that the hardware was able to survive for as long as it has.  Have a think about how many times you have ‘had’ to replace your mobile in the past 3 years because it couldn’t handle the updates.

What does this mean for you if you have an older 12v TV?  The latest channel update is likely to not work and likely to be the ringing of the death knell if you attempt to try and ‘modernise’ with the software.  This is why we have removed/ not provided updates for a number of models.

TV models that we have introduced in the past year, via their wifi capability now get ‘automatically updated’.  Our SMART 22”, SMART 27” and our Hako Android box get their software updates automatically when online