On-site Storage

Looking for Medium to Long-term Motorhome and Caravan Storage? 

We have a limited number of outside parking spaces for those needing medium to long-term storage for their Motorhomes or Caravans.  Those who make the most of this space are generally offshore, come back to NZ for chunks of time to travel and want the surety that they always have a ‘home’ resting spot reserved for their vehicle in Auckland with no stress attached.  Our storage customers often coordinate their drop of/ pick up of their vehicles with staying at the Ardmore Airfield NZMCA Park.  Providing (and administrating) parking space is not the focus of our business, so we like to keep things simple and easy for all.  How we provide storage and our terms will not work for most, but for a small number it is exactly what they are after.  If you can work with our terms below, give us a call to see if we could have a space for your vehicle

  • Storage is charged in advance at the rate of $225 (GST incl) in blocks of 3 months (minimum first charging block is for 3 months).  If you wish to collect your motorhome for use within the paid storage period (after your initial 3 months), and have us hold your space for your return, the storage charge stands.
  • Our Spartan Road premises are fully fenced and can be found just off the motorway at Takanini.  The storage spot is at the back of the premises, behind the workshop.  
  • Our Showroom and Workshop are open weekdays between the hours of 8am and 4.30pm.  This is when you can do vehicle drop off/, pickup or get access to your vehicle.  It works well if you let us know before you expect to turn up (sending an email works reception@rse.co.nz), then come to reception and we will escort you to your vehicle. 
  • Our storage customers usually bring in their vehicle for drop off at the end of their break, grab a coffee in the showroom waiting room while waiting for their taxi to turn up to take them to the Airport (which in non-rush hour is about 25 minutes).
  • You need to provide details of your own vehicle insurance when first booking in Karen in accounts accounts@rse.co.nz
  • All vehicles in storage at RSE Limited, are to be driven on site by approved RSE staff only.