DC to DC Charger

DC to DC Charger
For issues relating to Smart Alternators
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Why do you require a DC to DC Charger?

Your Smart Alternator can have a significant effect on the amount of charge your house battery receives while you are driving.  As the alternator charges only under a “regenerative braking” process (i.e. closed throttle braking) that actual amount of charge is insufficient to maintain your house battery.  As your fridge can draw up to and including 20A whilst driving, it is not uncommon to have house batteries in a lower state of charge than when your journey started.  The DC to DC 40 amp charger is triggered from the vehicles alternator and steps up the charge to ensure your house batteries receive the correct charge amount to bring them to a fully charge state whilst you travel.  The DC to DC charger switches off when the ignition key is off, so there is no house battery to starter battery discharge.


  • 40 Amp 8 Stage DC to DC Charger
  • 3 Stage Solar to DC
  • 550 Watt Solar Controller MPPT
  • Ignition Controlled
  • Sophisticated multi stage charger which
    utilizes fully automatic computerized control
  • Designed to charge 12V Gel, Lead Acid, AGM and Calcium batteries
  • Resolves all issues relating to Smart
    Alternator operation
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Integrated LED display for easy reference
  • Simple installation


  • 12V DC to DC Charger
  • Fittings
  • Instruction Manual