Southern Cross 52

Southern Cross 52
Our BRAND NEW Southern Cross 52 fully automatic satellite dish. Designed by Kiwis for Kiwis.
NZ$ 2,695.00

The latest Southern Cross 52 is our second generation automatic satellite dish with new frame design for strength and durability with new engineering, electronics and software.

Data transfer via single coax cable with unique waterproof entry plate design. 

Auto up function from your TV remote along with many more hidden features creates an unbeatable package.


RSE continues to set the pace and benchmark within the RV Entertainment Industry with the development of its new Southern Cross 52cm Automatic Satellite Dish:


528 days in development

176 days in testing

88 days on the road in NZ


“I’ve been everywhere man” is the catch phrase as this new antenna has been tested everywhere from the Cape to the Bluff and all places in between.  The results have been outstanding and reflects the time and effort of both the RSE Design Team and the manufacturers in China, one of China’s largest satellite companies.


The Southern Cross series of Satellite antennas have been one of our strong in house brands. 
First released in 2014 and then followed with the release of our Southern Cross marine series of in motion satellite antennas.  There has been in excess of 2000 units sold.  Our customers have enjoyed many hours of high quality high definition television reception using the Southern Cross range of products.


Daryl Muir, the Director of RSE says “We began the process of a new model 24 months ago.  Drawing from our own experienced workshop staff to ensure the new product was simple to install, through to the use of lightweight yet strong alloy composites that will allow the frame to carry a 75 dish for future development.  We have put 12 years of knowledge into this new antenna resulting in a very attractive, strong, fast and efficient antenna.  Along with the above features we have designed the antenna with a very low profile when in the closed position.  “I am not aware of a product with a lower closed profile” says Daryl.  We then set about reducing the mechanical load and therefore direct electrical load by having only the rotational motor assembly operating during the search process therefore reducing the mechanical loading.


New electronics and software were designed and then brought into play which has resulted in a single RF antenna cable as the sole connection required between the satellite dish and the data box.  This has meant only a very small hole is made via the roof line and a new raised waterproof gland and entry plate has been designed to ensure maximum waterproof integrity along with a new twist waterproof connector for the satellite dish attachment.  These new products have been designed and built using 3D printer technology.


The Southern Cross continues to use a 3 wire supply system, one for positive, one for ground supply and the third cable used for the auto shut down function.  We have continued with the hard wired operation for this function as it ensures that we stay within the EU standards for vehicle/habitat interface where wireless shutdown is not permitted.


For ease of operation there is also a function that will allow the dish to begin its search as soon as the TV remote is pressed to turn the TV on.  This interface will work with all brands of satellite TV and decoders and is programmable by the operator.  To send the dish down simply press the off button on the new compact, slim LCD display or alternatively it will come down with an engine start.  This allows those customers using Smart TVs or RSE Smart TV box to stream without the satellite antenna raised.


This new 2nd generation Southern Cross satellite antenna not only looks very easy on the eye it has been built strong and durable for New Zealand’s challenging conditions and we are confident, like all RSE
products, that it will serve generations of motorhomers and caravanners.


  • Fully automatic satellite antenna
  • Built strong and durable for NZ’s conditions
  • Designed by Kiwis for Kiwis
  • New design frame for stable and very fast acquisition
  • Ignition Auto Shut Down at vehicle start
  • Single RF coax cable between dish and controller
  • 10750 LNB
  • Preset search transponders
  • Auto up from TV remote (operator programmable)
  • Raised waterproof gland and entry plate to ensure maximum waterproof integrity
  • 52cm dish
  • 2 year warranty with extra 1 year extension available
  • Closed Height: 165 mm
  • Weight:  11.3kg