The smartest, most efficient way to locate your battery powered assets.
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The Orchid™ is a unique locating device that has been designed and created by industry experts, with a built-in SIM card that utilises GPS and GSM technologies via the M2M network, allowing the Orchid™ to locate your assets globally, when requested.

The Orchid™ has been designed to utilise the battery power of your assets and will operate on 12v – 24v supplies, meaning installation capabilities are endless, examples of these include, vehicles, tools, boats, plant and machinery, bikes and many more battery operated assets.

At just 6mm thick, 35mm long and 24mm wide, the Orchid™ boast dimensions capable of providing true discretion while protecting your valuable assets.

GPS co-ordinates will be retrieved and presented so long as the Orchid™ is within range of a cell tower and a signal is able to be sent and received. Please note the signal may be difficult to retrieve if the asset is inside a building or a metal box etc. If a GPS location is not able to be retrieved at the time the GSM tower location will be provided in the interim.


The device has a 1 year warranty.


Activate your device through the web app. The app and Global Asset Register allow you to request the location of your asset at the simple touch of a button as well as maintain a single source of inventory of all of your valued assets at no additional cost.

Wiring the device into your asset is an easy installation. The Orchid and Orchid Plus have a set of two wires, red (positive) and black (negative) while the Orchid Switch has an extra wire which is yellow (trigger). Each device has one antenna exerting from a slim line switch board with an adhesive sticker on the loose end. The antenna must be placed as flush and straightened as possible against a hard surface, it must not be penetrated, folded, or mounted under metal.
There is a black tab included on both the Orchid Plus and Orchid Switch which needs to be removed to activate the device.

Once your serial number is registered against your device in the registrar and correctly installed it is now reading to locate using GPS and GSM technologies. Upon initial subscription please allow up to 24 hours for the activation for your device to be processed and accepted into the system.  


From the date of device activation, you will receive a one year subscription included with the purchase of your device. The following year’s subscription is $1 per week.


The Global Asset Register provides a central point for all your relevant information. It acts as a searchable directory where you simply register your assets in one location. Once your unique serial number has been assigned, you can access the location of your device from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Operates on 12-24v supplies

6mm deep x 24mm wide

Device location capabilities are enabled through GPS and GSM satellite frequencies.


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