Thetford Tank Fresh 1.5L

Thetford Tank Fresh 1.5L
With Tank Freshener you will experience no more unpleasant smells from the waste-water tank, shower, wash basin or sink in your caravan or motor home. Simply pour the correct dose directly into the sink or shower drain and this efficient fluid for daily care and maintenance will do the work. Deposits and accumulation of grease will be effectively reduced. Result? A fresh waste-water tank, improved hygiene and an overall better discharge of the tank.
NZ$ 16.00

Benefits & Features

  • Eliminates foul smells by keeping the waste-water tank and pipes at their best

  • Cuts down deposits and grease contamination in the tubing

  • Boosts trouble-free tank discharge

  • No more smelly waste-water tanks, showers, washbasins and sinks

  • Improves the hygiene

  • Available in 1.5L bottle

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