Orchid Lite

Orchid Lite
Harnessing the power of the sun, the Orchidlite™ is Blacks Solar Powered locator.
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Activate your device through the web app. The app and Global Asset Register allow you to request the location of your asset at the simple touch of a button as well as maintain a single source of inventory of all of your valued assets at no additional cost.

Once your serial number is registered against your device in the registrar and correctly installed it is now reading to locate using GPS and GSM technologies. Upon initial subscription please allow up to 24 hours for the activation for your device to be processed and accepted into the system.  


From the date of device activation, you will receive a one year subscription included with the purchase of your device. The following year’s subscription is $1 per week.


The Global Asset Register provides a central point for all your relevant information. It acts as a searchable directory where you simply register your assets in one location. Once your unique serial number has been assigned, you can access the location of your device from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

The Orchid Switch has the capability to be requested and located in 5 minute intervals.

Device location capabilities are enabled through GPS and GSM satellite frequencies.

125mm in length, 70mm in width and 14mm high. 

The OrchidLite™ is fully enclosed in an IP67 rated waterproof case - submergible for 30 minutes in water up to 1m in depth and built to withstand harsh conditions. 

Needs to be installed with direct line of sight to the sun. 

The OrchidLite™ comes equipped with a 30 day back up battery allowing the ability to locate your assets even when covered or in the dark for an extended period.