Digital Signal Wireless Transmitter and Wireless Receiver

Digital Signal Wireless Transmitter and Wireless Receiver
2.4G digital signal Wireless Transmitter & Wireless Receiver to turn any hardwired Camera and/or Monitor Wireless.
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With the release of the new Wireless Transmitter and Receiver unit RSE have been able to increase the scope of both monitors and cameras that can be used in a wireless application.

The Wireless Transmitter can connect to any camera system and power up from a 9V to 32V supply. It has an IP69 waterproof rating. It can transmit to either a matching receiver or directly to the RSE 5” and 7” Wireless Monitors. It can be mounted at the rear of a caravan/5th wheeler or alternatively mounted at the tow bar end to create a stronger signal that is less subject to interference.

The Wireless Receiver unit also has an IP69 waterproof rating. It can connect to any monitor making it wireless. It matches the RSE Wireless Camera so can operate our 7” Mirror Monitor wirelessly. The receiver has 4 trigger wires and can receive up to 4 individual camera inputs at any time. The trigger wire selects what you wish to view.

Both the transmitter and receiver have pairing buttons to facilitate the pairing operation. Plus the receiver has a secondary button with an extension lead for remote operation.

The trigger wire selected determines which camera is on the monitor.


Antenna Impedance: 50ohm
Signal transmission distance: 50m
Video signal format type: CVBS
P/N system resolution: 720x576 (NTSC) /720x480 (PAL)
Video frame: 30fps/25fps
Video output: 1.0vp-p, 75ohm
Video SNR S/N: 50dB
Audio Output: 1.0±0.2Vp-p, 10Kohm
Audio SNR S/N: 58dB
Voltage input: DC 12-24V
Power: 2.4W
Waterproof grade: IP69
Vibration rate: 10G
Operation temperature: -30°c-70°c RH95% Max
Storage temperature: -30°c-70°c RH95% Max

Full pairing instructions and wiring instructions are included.