Satellite Receiver - Sky Card - HDMI 12V with 3 way Splitter Cable

Satellite Receiver - Sky Card - HDMI 12V with 3 way Splitter Cable
There are other distributors of the RV Tech Mini VX Satellite Receiver but for those who buy from us we will happily provide customer support and warranty. We have also chosen to add in a Splitter cable to the package.

To access our customer support and guidance you will need to provide proof of purchase.

Why we like 3 way splitter cables? The splitter cable gives ease of connection; use one for the TV power, one for the Satellite Receiver and the last one can be used for a Soundbar or any other 12 volt device.

Don't forget: You need a satellite dish to receive the Sky signal and the Freeview Satellite Channels.
NZ$ 214.00
  • Satellite Receiver with a Sky Card slot
  • DVBS/S2 Full HD
  • Built-in Infra-red (so can be hidden out of sight
  • Preloaded with Satellite Freeview and Sky Channels
  • Includes both a cig lead for 12V DC and a plug pack for 230V AC use
  • 3 way splitter cable for TV, Satellite Receiver and one other connection
  • HDMI Cable
  • Remote Control comes with batteries
  • Warranty 1 year, Return to Base, see General T&Cs above under Channels & Repair Hub or refer to Links.

Additional information:

From time to time channel lists and programmes change and this is a software change.  This may require you to have the Satellite receiver reprogrammed to set up with new software.  This may require website access for information or sending the Receiver to RSE for programming.  This would incur charges which would be the responsibility of the customer to pay.

It is also noted that the Receiver working the Sky TV network is not guaranteed and the Receiver is not currently supported or endorsed by SKY TV.

Although the Receiver may work with your Sky Card, however in the future, events beyond RSE’s control may cause your Receiver to stop receiving Sky Services.  You must also be a subscriber to Sky Network Television to have access to Sky TV services.

Some Sky TV Cards will not work in this receiver, Gold and dark Blue style cards DO NOT work.  My Sky and Light Camera Action Cards work fine.  Pay Per View channels are NOT supported by the Receiver.

Size: 110x105x25mm
Weight: 150 grams

Product Support:  There are other distributors of this product.  We are happy to provide help to those who have brought from us.  RSE will provide customer support to those who provide proof of their purchase with RSE Limited.  

Product Warranty:  RSE Limited provides a one year product warranty, return to base, once we have received proof of purchase. 

Please ensure all connections are made before connecting the power supply to the Receiver.  Unplugging and reconnecting the HDMI outputs whilst the Receiver is powered up can cause damage to the processor.  Should the processor output be damaged on these items there will be no warranty supported.

RSE accepts no warranty on the availability of channels from any satellite network.