TRIAX 54 Satellite Dish

TRIAX 54 Satellite Dish

The Triax 54 portable satellite dish is ideal for all motorhomes and caravans.

The 54cm dish is compatible with any Freeview/SKY capable receivers or Satellite TV and  breaks down into 3 parts for storage in your vehicle.

NZ$ 475.00

Setting up at your destination is easy with the single LNB 10m RG6 cable, compass, satellite alignment meter and the alignment /elevation guide displayed on the base of the dish. 

How to Use?

Simply run the LNB 10m RG6 cable from the LNB of the dish to your satellite finder then directly to your receiver or TV. RSE LTD can supply and install an exterior satellite input socket to your caravan or motorhome to make this easier.

What’s Included?

-          Heavy Duty Triangle Base

-          Single LNB

-          54cm Dish

-          10M RG6 cable

-          Compass

-          Satellite alignment meter

-          Alignment/Elevation Guide