Wireless Nation Modem

Wireless Nation Modem
A powerful RBI 4G capable Huawei modem from Wireless Nation to connect to NZMCA Data Plans.

*NZMCA members receive a discount on this product*

*Please contact RSE to purchase this product*
NZ$ 329.00

This new model has an advanced chip set inside which means it can run at a faster speed due to not only supporting 3G/4G but also 4.5G (aka LTE plus) and also has 5Ghz WiFi in addition to 2.4GHz WiFi. 

Simple Plug & Play.

Size: 226mm x 105mm
Weight: about 370g excluding the power adaptor 

12 Volt power source to be purchased separately. Click here to view. 

Clear Acrylic Bracket can be purchased separately to hold your modem in place while travelling. Click here to view.