Satellite Antennas & Digital Aerials

  • SamY Vision Satellite System
    The most advanced Satellite system, designed specifically for the NZ market.

    The signal ALWAYS gets through!
  • SamYSolar + Satellite System
    Solar or Satellite..
    You Choose!
    Two fully automatic systems from one space saving device on the roof.
  • Southern Cross 45
    Fully Automatic 45cm Satellite Dish (Winegard size). Built strong and durable for NZ's conditions with strong signal reception throughout NZ. Easy one button push to operate and auto retract on vehicle start. Single search transponder, Optus D1 only.

    More details below.
  • Oyster Fully Automatic Marine Dome
    The Oyster SAT-DOM 50 M-GS is a fully automatic self tracking Marine Satellite Dish. The antenna has the unique IGS (Intelligent Gyroscope Stabilization) system designed in Germany by the ten Haaft engineers.
  • CAMPER 45 Satellite Dish Kit
    Easy to Fold up and store away - ideal for the small camper.
  • TRIAX 54 Satellite Dish
    This 54" Dish makes set up simple - breaks down into 3 parts for storage with RSE's unique set up process.
  • Triax UFO Mobile (VHF/UHF Digital) Aerial
    A small and discreet antenna which can be placed on the roof of your motorhome, caravan or boat for freeview digital terrestrial reception.
  • SC35M
    35cm Marine Satellite Antenna with GPS
  • Winegard Windup Satellite Dish with Black Stik Shock Absorber
    The RSE Winegard Windup Satellite Dish with Black Stik Compression Shock Absorber specifically designed for the NZ environment to ensure uninhibited television viewing.

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