This page is designed to provide suggestions on questions that you may have regarding your current, or past product. Some of the listings below are no longer sold by RSE Limited.

Please check our website for current RSE products, or call/email our Team to check on the availability of parts and service, also any bookings for repairs, service, or other help.


My TV will not listen to me. What are some things I could try first?

Is the TV plugged in? Is it switched on at the power point? When was the last time you changed the batteries in your remote? Are the batteries in the right way? Use your glasses! Do not be surprised that it sometimes can be that simple…

Things are just not going smoothly with my technology.

Sometimes just giving it all a bit of a breather and a reset works. Don’t know why. It just does.

With your TV or Minilite simply disconnect from the power source by unplugging the black cord that plugs into the DC port of your TV. Give it a few minutes, then plug back in and give it a go.

If you want to reset the Hako Smart box, opposite the small LED light there is another small hole, you can use the end of a paperclip and insert it into the hole – you should hear a click noise, this means the box has been reset.

Why is my TV turning off when I use other appliances in my motorhome/caravan?

You may be experiencing voltage fluctuations throughout your motorhome/caravan. TVs do not like fluctuations/spikes and you will need to smooth them out. RSE recommend purchasing a DC filter, either hardwired or the 12V Cig plug option.

Why have I lost sound on my TV but still have the picture?

Audio is the first thing to go when you have low voltage going into the TV. Plug your TV directly into a 230 Volt source with the cable supplied to test.

The screen is blue and there is a “No Signal” notification

If you are on the Satellite input then the issue is probably relating to the dish itself. Check  connection on the TV and the main connections on the dish are tight. 

If you watch Freeview or SKY channels through a satellite receiver (Minilite) check that you are on the correct input (HDMI) and that the unit itself hasn’t been turned off. If you are still experiencing this problem, disconnect the satellite receiver from power and reconnect to test. If the problem persists it may be the dish itself causing the problem.

Call us on 09 264 0221 to book a service or repair.

I’ve just received my new RSE Smart TV VA, there is a B7 symbol on the screen

If you’ve unpackaged your new Smart TV VA and notice a B7 symbol on the screen as your setting up, this is on the screen protector, you’ll be able to peel off the plastic film to remove this. You are not the first to ask this question!

Why is my Smart TV or my Hako Smart box slow to load or it is freezing?

If you haven’t used your technology in over a month, you most likely have apps that are pending updates. You need to be connected to the internet and then try to check for updates

  1. Go to the Google Play App
  2. Click on your profile
  3. Click Manage Apps & Games
  4. Go to Updates – here you will be able to see all the apps waiting to be updated
  5. Select Update All
You should then see a difference in the processing speed of your Smart TV.

Why can’t I connect to the campsite Wi-Fi?

You may get a notification after entering the password saying “Connected but can’t connect to internet”. You will need to download an internet browser, for example Google Chrome. When you open the app and open a webpage to any website you will be re-directed to the campsite router where you can enter the password and connect to internet. 

Why can’t I connect my hotspot to my Smart TV?

Why can’t I connect my hotspot to my Smart TV? You must make sure that all the correct settings on your phone are turned ON to enable hotspot data sharing. Settings are different on different models of phones. If everything is on, you’ve entered your password for your hotspot into the TV and it’s still not connecting you should contact your service provider. Check that you have the correct plan for data sharing.

If you are still having trouble connecting, try turning off all of your other connected things – like the sound bar, other appliances.  This can help the hotspot conversation between your phone and TV.

I keep on putting my correct hotspot password into my mobile phone and it still doesn’t work?

You may have inadvertently put a couple of spaces in front of where you are tapping in the password.  Try deleting (or backspacing) before you put your password in.  You’d be surprised at how many times we have done this and it has worked.

What does it mean Chromecast built-in?

Chromecast built-in (Google Cast) lets you watch your favorite entertainment and apps from your mobile device or computer on your Android TV or Google TV. When you cast to the TV, it doesn't disconnect the internet connection or mirror content.

What does Chromecast do?

Chromecast is built into our Smart TV VA’s and our HAKO Smart Box. Chromecast enables you to stream a show from an app on your phone e.g. Netflix directly to the TV instead of logging in on the downloadable app from Google play on the TV itself.

It effectively turns your smart phone or tablet into a remote control for the TV.

How do I troubleshoot my built-in Chromecast?

  1. Connect the mobile device and your TV to the same network.
  2. Depending on your Android TV menu options, make sure that the Google Chromecast built-in app is enabled. 
  3. Clear data on Cast function apps, Android System WebView and Google Chromecast built-in.
  4. Restart the mobile device.
  5. Update apps through Google play store.

Why is my casting not working?

If you're having issues with casting from your phone, you may need to check you're connected to the correct WiFi network and that WiFi is working. If you're having issues with screen mirroring from your laptop or PC, you may need to update the Google Chrome browser. Sometimes, a simple reboot is all that's required.

Why do I have so many remotes?

Our RSE Smart TV it has satellite TV built into it. They run separately, and so you need a separate remote for them. The longer looking remote is for the Satellite TV. The shorter will work on the Smart TV or the Hako box.

Where does Bluetooth feature in all of this?

There are many different versions of Bluetooth. Different products from different companies all run of different frequencies. Our TV’s use the Bluetooth function to pair the Smart Remote with the Smart part of the TV. Bluetooth is also used to connect to the RSE Sound Bar. Any other sound bar or Bluetooth speaker will need to operate at the same Bluetooth frequency.

The 19” ECO TV is not compatible with the RSE Sound Bar or other sound bar devices.

Why aren’t my SKY (pay to view) channels working?

Check your SKY card has been inserted in the correct way. In all RSE TVs the chip side of the card should be inserted first with the blue side of the card facing toward you and the white side facing toward the wall.

In RSE Satellite Receivers the chip side of the card should be inserted into the unit first. Please refer to the label to ensure you have the card the right way up as each model is different.

If you have been away for a period of more than 3 weeks with your card out of its home decoder, please click the link for instructions on how to re-activate your card.

What SKY Card can I use?

The new blue “lights, camera, action” SKY card will not work in any 12V TV’s with the Diablo CAM and in older satellite receivers.

Our current MiniLite HD plus Satellite receiver is compatible with this new blue ‘lights, camera, action’ card as well as the ‘MY SKY’ card. Gold and dark blue style cards DO NOT WORK.

I can’t download SKY SPORT on my Smart TV VA

We’ve seen that SKY GO is not compatible with the android software currently out on our Smart TV VA’s. If you would like to watch SKY GO on your TV, you can do so by going to an internet browser and going to the SKY GO webpage and logging in.

Why am I missing channels and why are certain ones no longer working?

If you are missing channels, they may have been changed by the service provider (e.g. Freeview or SKY). RSE create channel software for our TV’s and Satellite Receivers so they can be kept up to date with the current channels. Scroll to our ‘Update’ page to find the software and relevant update instructions for your model/size of TV or receiver.

Don’t forget that Freeview channels are different from Freeview Satellite channels.

I’m looking for a software update and it is not on the RSE website. Why?

Older hardware may not be able to handle the complexity of todays software. If you are looking to update your hardware and cannot find the corresponding software for your model on our website, it is because your model of hardware is old. Email us at and we may be able to provide a way to extend the life of your hardware.

Why are certain apps no longer compatible on my Smart TV?

There has been a rapid change and development in software which puts a lot of processing expectation on hardware. If you have an older model Smart TV with the logo ‘SmartTV’ or SmartTVII certain apps (we have seen with the providers of the TVNZ On Demand software) may no longer be compatible with the hardware. Adding a Hako Smart Box that runs off the HDMI input will help extend the hardware capability.

The Hako Smart Box and most recent model Smart TV, the Smart TV VA are capable of receiving online updates. 

To navigate these webpages a bit easier you could also attach a wireless mouse or keyboard by putting the dongle in the android USB port on the side of the TV. Otherwise the smart remote will work fine.

For instructions with picture demonstrations please email

I’m unable to access the “dish set-up” settings in the menu on my RSE WHDTV TV.

You can use the passcode 6431 to access this part of the menu on your TV.

I cannot turn subtitles off on my RSE WHDTV-T:

On the RSE Twin Tuner TV, subtitles are hidden on TUNER 1, to turn off subtitles you’ll need to press the EPG button on your remote, and there you will see the SUB-T option to turn off. On TUNER 2 you can use the subtitle button on your remote to turn subtitles on and off.

A hotspot is not a modem.  Do not get confused.

Your phone gives you the ability to create a hotspot.  Your phone and it’s data plan is the driver of what can, and can’t be done, on your Smart TV or Smart Box.  What we have seen, is when people try to have multiple devices (like your laptop, phone, your mates laptop etc etc) connected and using the phone hotspot function, the TV is not able to connect or has very slow loading speed.  This is your phone and data plan issue, not the TV.  Try connecting your SmartTV by itself or consider getting a data plan that suits your needs better.  See Wireless Nation.

What is a channel update and how does it work?

Channels keep changing by the providers and when we spot one, we pull all the information together so that it is easy to update your channels.  We create a file that will automatically upload all the correct channels in the right order.  We give you the software free.  All you need to do, is to put the file on a USB stick and follow the step by step instructions to update.  To get the file on a USB stick it has to be downloaded from our website directly, or we can email it to you, or, at a small charge we can courier you a USB stick with it already loaded.  What is key, is that the software file is the only file on the USB.

You cannot open the software file on your computer as it is expressly designed for your TV to read.  Simply drag or save the file to the USB drive without trying to open or alter the file in any way

I pressed a button on my remote and I’ve lost all my channels!

You’ve most likely pressed the “auto tune” button and this will wipe all channels from your channel list. To get them back you just need to do a channel update with the free software upload file.  You can find software file under the Update page – you just need the model and size your of TV.  A hint: To find you model look on the frame and it will tell you.

My Smart Remote for the Smart TV VA won’t work

First step, when was the last time you changed the batteries, and are they in the right way?  Then, if your TV still isn’t responding to your Smart Remote, make sure you are pointing it at the sensor.  It may be that the remote has accidently un-paired.

  1. Use your TV remote to navigate to the settings icon and the top right corner of your home screen
  2. Select “Remotes and Accessories”
  3. Select “Add Accessory”
  4. HOLD the home button AND the LEFT ARROW simultaneously on the smart remote until the pop up appears. (you should notice a red light flash on the remote during this process)
  5. Use the TV remote to select
  6. It will say “connecting” then “Paired”

What is OPTUS D1?

OPTUS D1 is the Geo Stationary Satellite providing New Zealand’s Freeview and Sky Content

LNB Frequencies: 

We get calls from about our RSE TVs not working, and often it can be the LNB setting of their dish or dome. To be helpful we’ve put together a list of what we think the LNB frequency could be, and a contact number that we’ve found online. Call them and they can help you with the quality of your signal.


  • Marine DOME LNB Settings
  • Majestic - 11300
  • Raymarine - 11300
  • KVH - 10600 OR 11300 if older than 6 years
  • Intellian - 11300
  • Trackvision - possible 10600
  • Motorhome DISH LNB Settings
  • Alden - 10750
    Vantage RV for dish support/parts Phone: 09-427 8247
  • Sphere - 10700
    C2C for dish support/ parts Phone: 09-274 8700
  • Majestic - 11300
    Majestic for Dome support/ parts Phone: 09-415 6936
  • VU Dome Original - 10750
    Camec for Dome support/ parts Phone: 09-257 2419
  • NZ Sat - 10750
    Camec for Dome support/ parts Phone: 09-257 2419
  • KiwiSat - 10750
    Apollo for dish support/parts Phone: 09-424 1427
  • King Quest - 10750
    Supreme Antennas for support/parts Phone: 0800 204 787


With my Mini-Lite some SKY channels are coming up “SCRAMBLED”

If some channels come up scrambled or don’t load, this could just be because of lack of use or that a new channel update is available. You’ll need to perform a channel update. Find the software on our website or email us to get it sent directly to you along with the instructions.

Using my Mini-Lite I can’t watch my channels, “NO SIGNAL” appears on the screen

First thing to check is that you are on the HDMI input, can you open the menu? Or see your channel list? If not, the Mini-Lite is probably just turned off, point your remote at the unit and press the on button, you should be able to see it load to 100 and a channel should start playing.

You can also check your signal quality and strength by pressing the “Info” button 3 times on your remote. If there is no signal or very little signal it may be your dish causing the problem.

Otherwise, it may just be a case of changing your LNB settings, the Mini-Lite is set to a LNB Frequency of 10750 which is standard. Other dishes or domes may have a different frequency, we may have an idea of what you need to set your LNB frequency to, call us on 09 264 0221 or get in touch with the installer of your dish/dome.


What should I do to look after my Satellite Dish?

You want to get the most from your expensive piece of hardware and to ensure you get the best possible viewing on your TV. Take the time to look after it. 

Satellite dishes, like all other forms of electronics are designed to be used on a semi-regular basis. If you haven’t used your dish for a month or over, you may notice issues due to parts/gears becoming stiff or beginning to seize. Think of it like your car – you need to run your car every now and again, get serviced to get optimum use out of it so to prevent parts from seizing and the battery dying. 

Satellite dishes by the nature of where they are on a vehicle (positioned on the top, exposed to all the elements) have a hard life and, they are often forgotten about as they are ‘out of sight, out of mind’. 

The best thing for an Automatic Satellite dish is that it is used regularly and gets an annual service. During the Covid period many dishes were not used and this created problems for their users.

The dish won’t lock on to a signal

Are you surrounded by any tall trees or buildings that could be obstructing the signal? 

Or it could be to a connection issue, the cable between the LNB and the base of the dish may need to be checked or replaced. Make sure all the connections are tight. If the dish is spinning, or locking on in the wrong direction call us on 09 264 0221 to book a service or repair.

I am getting signal drop out or screen pixilation.

The Satellite Dish is sitting in an exposed location and LNBs degrade over time. A Low Noise Block downconverter amplifies low noise and converts satellite frequencies. It is the attachment at the end of the satellite dish in which the coaxial cables that feed your satellite receiver connect to. This might need to be replaced.

What LNB frequency do I need?

All RSE TV’s and Mini-lite Satellite receivers are programmed to a 10750 LNB Frequency. This is the standard setting, however some other brands of dishes and domes have different settings.

On your RSE remote, push the signal button that is near the top right (below the mute).  You can then scroll through and check you have the right LNB setting for the dish you have.  With older RSE remotes, push the menu button, go to settings and then dish set up.

When you update with our software, the LNB frequency will automatically reset to this. If you still have no signal after the update, and you’ve checked all the connections, it’s probably a case of having to change the frequency. Talk to your installer or retail agent on what the LNB frequency should be, or can contact us via email or phone with you’re the model of your dish/dome and we may be able to tell you what it needs to be changed to.

I am trying to get my satellite dish to work.  It goes up and then straight back town again to park position.

Is your engine still running?


My dish says “Loading Please Wait” / “Opening” / “Closing” on the display panel

The most likely cause for this issue is a loose connection. Check that the blue connection at the base of the dish is tight in both connectors. Call us on 09 264 0221 to book a service or repair.

My dish says “EL Overload” / “AZ Overload” on the display panel

This is relating to the motors in the dish. The first step is to reset using the master switch. If there is no master switch, you will need to locate the black control box and use the reset switch. Then you will need to tighten the connections at the dish’s base. Next step, call us on 09 264 0221 to book a service or repair.


This satellite is an older generation satellite system, sold by the previous company. The SC45 satellite, and parts are no longer available.

Code “Check Limit Key please wait” on display panel

This could be caused by low voltage, or perhaps the dish had a knock? If the dish is knocked this will cause the plastic gear to split, this has been designed this way so that the internal gears are protected from damage. Has this happened at the end of the night after using a lot of power? If so– turn off master switch, count to 10 then turn back on. No master switch? Unplug fuse on black box.

My dish is locking on in the opposite direction

This indicates the dish is returning back to its default position –the dish is unable to see the signal. This could be caused by the LNB or the cable running between the LNB and the indoor unit. Test with6m RG cable through window from LNB to control box. Send dish back up, if it locks it’s likely a cable issue, if it doesn’t lock change the LNB and test again.

My dish will go up but only rotates 45 degrees

The gears may need lubrication, has the dish been serviced in the last year? OR has the dish had a knock? If the dish is knocked this will cause the plastic gear to split, this has been designed this way so that the internal gears are protected from damage. 

My dish is laying completely back

This could be caused by a loose loom connection, is the connection tight and clean? The counter in the motor may have gone wrong or it could be a different issue in the motor or box. 


 Error Code and Solutions

  • E01: The initialization of the antenna control board failed
  • E02: Antenna Input Power is tested. If failed, check the RF cable.
  • E03: Skew System is tested. If failed, check the control board, skew motor.
  • E04: Tuner is tested. If failed, check the tuner and cable connection.
  • E05: LNB is tested. If failed, check the LNB and control board.
  • E06: Gyro board is tested. If failed, check the gyro board, cable connection.
  • E07: EL axis is tested. If failed, check the limit sensors, motor and belt for EL axis.
  • E08: AZ axis is tested. If failed, check the limit sensors, motor and belt for AZ axis.


The dish is having issues after updating via the app

You must make sure you updated your dish with New Zealand software. Give us a call 09 264 0221.

The arm of the dish is stuck to the reflector as it goes up

The rubber on the end of the arm gets hot and sticky in the summer, use a lubricant to stop it sticking.

The dish won’t go up or down

What are the voltage readings? Try resetting the master switch or reset the fuse. If on the display panel you see “Y Motor Blocked”, “X Motor Blocked” or “AZ Overload” check the connections are clean and tight but it is likely the dish will need to return to RSE for repair. Call us on 09 264 0221 to book a service or repair.

My SamYSolar is not facing the right way

There was a Worldwide GPS update in 2020. The dish will need to be re-programmed and needs to come to RSE to have this done. We got some software written for this issue and there will be a charge for this service.


This winter has seen a number many of our Southern Cross 33 Marine Domes experiencing issues keeping locked on to a signal. In June/July we had several enquiries reporting this, the majority being in the tip of the South Island.

Signal Upload Strength

Historically we see the upload power to the Satellite increased over winter to cope with the seasonal change.  It is a third party that controls the upload and this year strangely, we did not see it happen.

In July the signal was measured in Christchurch and the signal strength was 5DB down from the normal level, which results in a 25 fold decrease in the ability to receive signal.

On the 8th of August we had the signal strength re-measured.  The signal coming into New Zealand is back to full strength.

Change in Atmospheric conditions

The past season has seen what has been phrased by some as an explosion of weather events around the world.  The nature of the weather creates fluctuations in the signal and with the Satellite being positioned on the equator it now means that smaller dishes such as the 33’s find it harder to receive the signal.

For New Zealand to receive a good picture we need our signal strength to be at least 60% or closer to 65%.

We cannot control the signal upload strength or predict the unusual changes in weather.  What we can do, is to provide information on what transponder frequency is working best at the time.  Right now the 12456 or 12483 and going to channel 3 in order to test for the best possible signal.  We will keep on updating as a better transponder frequency is found.  Email for the latest frequency


Can I interchange components between the older RSE Wireless Camera system and the newly released RSE Wireless Camera System?

No. There are many different versions of Bluetooth and this means that the cameras may not operate on the same frequency and therefore will be non-compatible with the monitor.


During Covid, 2020/2021 Finscan Australia ceased operations and no longer exists. As a result of this, all RSE supporting parts for the FINSCAN products were

depleted in March 2023 while supporting Finscan owners.


1)      Turn the screen on the Grundig and select “Apple car play”

2)      Ensure on your phone in the settings your Bluetooth is turned on

3)      Turning on the Bluetooth will prompt your phone to search for nearby Bluetooth devices

4)      Once the Grundig has appeared on your Bluetooth connections on your phone, press connect and pair

5)      Once your phone is connected to the unit your apps should display on the screen including maps for easy navigation


If the screen times out and goes to the display screen press the home button to wake it up