Warranty Registration Form

This form is for the registration of your newly purchased, Warrantied products only, and is not used for warranty claims or repairs. Registration is required within 60 days of receiving your product as the original purchaser.  All Warranties are non-transferable.

Only one warranty product can be registered at a time, please fill out and submit for each individual product.

For any Warranty Claim/Repair please use the Product Repair Form:


Please read the Repair Form carefully, and complete all information that is required of it . A copy is to accompany any warranty, or non-warranty repair that is returned to RSE Limited.


Product Model:
Serial No:
Purchased from:
Date of Purchase:
RSE Tax Invoice #:
Other Tax Invoice #:
(Not from RSE)

Please keep your Tax invoice of your purchase/s in a safe place, as these are required for proof of purchase, before any warranty can be processed. If any item was not purchased directly from RSE Limited, the Original Trade buyer, will need to provide RSE Limited with proof of purchase between, RSE Limited and themselves before any warranty can be processed.

Please see our T&C https://www.rse.co.nz/terms-and-conditions