SamY 60

    The most advanced Satellite system, designed specifically for the NZ market.


    Hako SMART Box

    Use a Wi-Fi connection to turn your Satellite TV into a SMART TV.


    Mini Lite Plus

    Take your Sky Card from home and make the most of your Satellite Dish.


12v Specialists for Motorhomes, Caravans & Boats

Specialists in Motorhomes, Caravans & Boats

RSE are specialists with 12V entertainment options for Kiwis in the ‘moving’ world.   We supply and support a large number of retailers and installers across the country with Satellite TV’s, Marine Domes and Satellite Dishes, Wi-Fi ‘Smart’ TVs, Wi-Fi boxes, Antennas and modems.  Our distribution centre and repair hub is based at 74 Spartan Road.

At the Spartan Road base we also have a clean and well tooled workshop that can take all sized vehicles.  Mark leads the service team that covers lithium upgrades, inverter installation and a broad range of accessory installation and repairs.  Call to talk through what is happening with your vehicle and book a time to bring it in.

What Hardware to Stay Connected?

Various hardware combinations provide you access to Satellite Freeview TV channels and the internet, or both. 

We have created a handy infographic to help explain these options. 


Signal strength and the Atmospheric Conditions: Southern Cross 33 Marine Dome

This winter has seen a number many of our Southern Cross 33 Marine Domes experiencing issues keeping locked on to a signal. In June/July we had several enquiries reporting this, the majority being in the tip of the South Island.

Signal Upload Strength

Historically we see the upload power to the Satellite increased over winter to cope with the seasonal change.  It is a third party that controls the upload and this year strangely, we did not see it happen.

In July the signal was measured in Christchurch and the signal strength was 5DB down from the normal level, which results in a 25 fold decrease in the ability to receive signal.

On the 8th of August we had the signal strength re-measured.  The signal coming into New Zealand is back to full strength.

Change in Atmospheric conditions

The past season has seen what has been phrased by some as an explosion of weather events around the world.  The nature of the weather creates fluctuations in the signal and with the Satellite being positioned on the equator it now means that smaller dishes such as the 33’s find it harder to receive the signal.

For New Zealand to receive a good picture we need our signal strength to be at least 60% or closer to 65%.

We cannot control the signal upload strength or predict the unusual changes in weather.  What we can do, is to provide information on what transponder frequency is working best at the time.  Right now the 12456 or 12483 and going to channel 3 in order to test for the best possible signal.  We will keep on updating as a better transponder frequency is found.  Email for the latest frequency.


Support & Services

Our on-site workshop provides a wide range of services from our location in Takanini, Auckland. Learn more about the services we offer. 

Product updates are available on the website. 

It is really important to plug your electronics together in the right order.  Do all connections BEFORE you connect the power supply.  Unplugging and reconnecting the HDMI outputs whilst the unit is powered up can cause damage to the processor.  Warranty will not cover a damaged processor output.


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